Nigerian Govt Protests New U.S. Visa Policy

 Nigerian Govt Protests New U.S. Visa Policy

The federal government says it has reached out to the United States’ government over its recent visa policy issued on Nigeria last week.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, says the move was intended to negotiate how visa issuance process can be eased and made seamless for genuine Nigerian visitors to America.

While speaking with journalists in Abuja on Tuesday about the negative impacts the issue of visa overstay had on Nigerians travelling to U.S., he pointed to the suspension of `Dropbox’ for visa renewal for Nigerians as one of such impacts.

He explained that most of the untoward migrant decisions taken by some countries were triggered by the negative perceptions about few Nigerians who do not obey the rules of those countries.

“The issue of migration is a challenge and such a sensitive topic because the U.S. has just suspended the `Dropbox for visas renewals.

“And a lot of it is that they released statistics to show that 10 per cent of people who overstayed their visas globally are Nigerians.

“Those who do not obey the rule of other countries’ have more negative impact on those who obeyed,” the minister said.

He maintained that some Nigerians who merited visa were denied it due to the negative perception created by those who disobeyed the rules.

“The issue of those who overstayed their visas is a real issue. We have engaged with the U.S government over it.

“We are just trying to work through them and they are looking at various alternative and solutions and to make less difficult for the genuine visitors and the like.

“We are doing what we can, they (U.S. Embassy) told me that notwithstanding the suspension of drop box mechanism that there would be expedited interview for certain people.

“And that there would be that flexibility to request for interview that might make it easier for those seeking visa,” he said

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