The $249 Nokia 7.1 Is The Best Android Phone You Can Buy For Prime Day

 The $249 Nokia 7.1 Is The Best Android Phone You Can Buy For Prime Day

The $249 Nokia 7.1 is the best Android phone you can buy for Prime Day

Amazon Prime day typically ushers in a slew of discounts on Android Phones, and for 2019’s sale, that’s been no different. One of the most enticing has been the Samsung Galaxy S10 being discounted to just $600.However, as great of a deal as that is, it’s not the Android discount that’s got me the most excited. Instead, that title goes to the Nokia 7.1. Normally retailing for $349, the phone is on sale right now for just $249 — a full $100 off.

There’s a lot of competition in the mid-range smartphone space, but back in November when the Nokia 7.1 was released it stood out as something special. That remains true to this day.

The Nokia 7.1 has the design of a flagship handset that costs hundreds of dollars more. The glass back and metal frame not only look great, but it also allows the Nokia 7.1 to feel substantial and weighty in the hand. Nothing about the way the phone is made feels cheap, going all the way down to the tactility of the physical buttons.At $250, no phone comes close to offering what the Nokia 7.1 does.

Along with the design, Nokia also spent a lot of time making sure the 7.1’s display looks as good as possible. It has an LCD panel with a resolution of 2220×1080, and while that’s good on its own, the real kicker is the HDR10 support. This enables the Nokia 7.1 to natively play HDR10 videos, along with converting SDR content into HDR. This translates to all of your media looking brighter and more colorful, and when I reviewed the 7.1, I came away quite impressed with how well the SDR to HDR conversion works.

Other hardware touches I appreciate are the USB-C port for charging, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the inclusion of an NFC chip that allows for contactless Google Pay payments.

On the software side of things, Nokia absolutely kills it.

The Nokia 7.1 is currently running a stock build of Android 9 Pie. It’s part of Google’s Android One program, meaning that you get a Pixel-like user experience with no clutter and guaranteed software updates and security patches. Compared to something like the similarly-priced Moto G7 and Motorola’s awful track record for software support, that’s a big win.The Nokia 7.1’s value was taken down a notch when Google launched the Pixel 3a and its jaw-dropping camera for $400, but now that the 7.1 down to just $249 for Prime Day, it’s an easy recommendation.If you want to spend under $300 on a new phone, the Nokia 7.1 is what I’d suggest you get in a heartbeat. Its design is pristine, the display looks gorgeous, and the software experience is unmatched at this price.

Add that together with things like NFC, a headphone jack, and incredible battery life, and it’s easy to see what I like to gush over this phone.

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