Successful Features Mobile Apps Must Have To Satisfy Users

 Successful Features Mobile Apps Must Have To Satisfy Users

The use of mobile apps has seen an unprecedented increase. Since the appearance of Android and Windows phones around the world, mobile application has become common knowledge. The existence of over 5 million mobile apps has made mobile app for business owners a must-have.

With the current amount of mobile phone users at over 4 billion worldwide, over 50 percent of these number are using either Android or Windows mobile phone with their own mobile stores. Businesses have realized that having their own mobile app is vital to their growth and survival.

However, not all mobile apps are successful. There are several things that make apps fail but we’ll focus on the most important.

A successful mobile app must satisfy the following parameters:

The speed of the app

A slow app will simply drown your business. It is better to have no app than a snail motion app. We are in a jet age. Everyone wants it quick and easy.

Provide a solution to a problem or need

For a product to be considered a success, it must provide a solution to a particular need of its users. This is what makes customers loyal to a brand or product. Your app must be sorely needed.

Has a single focus

A successful app provides a single service. And it provides it at the optimum level. When developing an app, develop one with a single feature without multiple unnecessary interfaces. If the app must have other features, it must be supporting the main goal of the app.


Most app users are not computer whiz. If your app is rocket science, then it’s heading to failure. The key here is – make it simple, easy, and quick.

Offline function

The internet is not universally distributed. This means some places have quality services, other places have poor service. For a successful app, it is vital that it provides good offline services. This would also enable the app to have more users from developing countries.

Have a high performance

Apps with poor performance tend to be abandoned by users fast. Performance is one of the biggest yardsticks for measuring the success of an app. With over 70 percent of users saying they can’t use an app with poor performance more than twice. Performance is extremely important. Successful apps have high performance.

Make users’ experience personal

When your app can personalize users’ experience, it is close to perfection. Users love personalization. When app interactions are tailored to suit personal preferences and location, users would appreciate such apps.

Provide a feedback option

Successful apps have a feedback pathway, this helps to improve the users’ experience. It is vital to create a pathway for feedback, rating, and etc. This would make the business serve the consumers or users better by hearing from them how they feel with the services. This is also good for the app owners because with the complaints received, they can better serve their customers and keep them loyal.


No matter how good your app is, if the people who need it don’t know about it, then it will fail. Learn to do strategic marketing or hire a good marketer to help. You have to take the word to your clients, customers, or users.

Mobile apps are vital to business growth as recent statistics have shown. It is essential that when building one, the above parameters are taken into consideration.

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