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Are You In Love With A Single Parent?

Photo Credit: 30s and Beyond A single parent is one who has had kids from any previous relationship or marriage. Dating a single parent can be a very tricky situation. There are a number of things you need to put in mind and seriously consider when choosing to date or marry a single parent. Here […]Read More

3 Dating Tips To Keep You Together

There lots of guys out there who think that dating a milf would be a dream come true. Older women are sexy and often these types of relationships are the ideal casual sexual encounters that most men crave. However, even though guys want it, a lot of guys don’t know how to have casual sex, […]Read More

6 Things To Do After A Bad Break Up

Have you just broken up with the supposed love of your life? Does it feel like your heart is about to come out of your chest? What went wrong? You might ask. It is unbelievable. You cannot imagine that after dating for a few years, a lover comes to you tells you the overused slogan […]Read More