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Girls Simple Sexy Ways To Flirt With Guys

Place your palm on his cheek or jawbone while complimenting him for something he’s done especially for you. It’ll make him work harder towards doing more nice things for you because the attention is sexy for him. When both of you are standing together, clasp his hand gently while saying something close to his ear.  […]Read More

4 Ideas For Single And Searching

Well, being single gives you the time to reflect on the things that mean a lot to you. You get to rediscover yourself all over again. Being single is so much fun. However, there are those who would rather have that fun shared with a partner. But in this case, all your friends seem to […]Read More

TIPS: Before You Fall In Love

Most guys and ladies have had a relationship end and have felt angry or resentful toward their ex. The key isn’t that you shouldn’t feel angry; the key is that you should make sure you don’t feel really angry any longer when you try to start a new relationship. When you get to the point […]Read More

LADIES: 6 Ways To Be Sexy With Guys

1. Turn off your negative inner voice I know it is easier to say than to do, but you really need to make some changes from the root. If you want to gain sexy confidence around men, you need to turn off that negative inner voice that prevents you from being happy and satisfied. I […]Read More

When Is The Right Time To Learn About Sex?

The lessons of proper sex education shouldn’t wait for bridal showers; they should start before adolescence kicks in and should be followed up with more detail as the child grows. Let us be honest; how many people were taken through proper sex education before they started engaging in it? Or did you just ‘learn on the […]Read More