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Looking Chic At Work In Curvy Girl Styles

Curvy women don’t dress according to their body. This may stem from the fact that they have been body shamed in the past and they end up trying to hide their curves. However, this is 2019 and every curvy woman should embrace every curve of hers. Kristine of TrendyCurvy is one curvy woman that would […]Read More

Ladies: Jelly Shoes Now Comes In Attractive Colours That You

We are bringing back your favourite old school jelly shoes. These PVC gems were the definitive shoe of your childhood, they are making a comeback this season. Jelly shoes has been modified that you will never guess right the person is wearing PVC. Most of them come in attractive colours that you will love to […]Read More

How To Style Your Waistcoat In 3 Beautiful Ways

A waistcoat is a sleeveless upper part piece of clothe. It is usually and mostly worn over a shirt and it is part of a three piece suit. Waistcoat can comes in different designs that are suitable for male and female. In this article, learn how to style your waistcoat in three beautiful ways. Here […]Read More

Ladies: 6 Facts About Your Vagina You Didn’t Know About

There is a lot of misinformation about the vagina and the vulva. Chief among them is how most people call the vulva a vagina. In fact, a large number of persons don’t know anything about female anatomy.  Ladies, if you don’t know anything about your own vagina, how can you take care of it? Or […]Read More

Ladies: 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Let’s face it, Pimples can be such annoying little Buggers. They get all up in your Face, ruin it and then refuse to leave. As if this isn’t enough, they are hard to get rid of and some of the recommended products are expensive and don’t even do anything. Calm yourself, help is here. Say […]Read More

4 Ideas For Single And Searching

Well, being single gives you the time to reflect on the things that mean a lot to you. You get to rediscover yourself all over again. Being single is so much fun. However, there are those who would rather have that fun shared with a partner. But in this case, all your friends seem to […]Read More

7 Reasons Being Single Is Cool

Do you think that you would be lonely and sad being single? That’s not true, it is normal for those who just came out of really long relationships to think that being single is going to be hard and miserable.  You might think that you don’t want to go through the stress of being single […]Read More

10 Things All Women Do After Heartbreak

1. Get wasted on alcohol. Alcohol has a tendency to attract a lot of people who are dealing with personal demons – and women who are going through breakups aren’t really immune to that. It’s always tempting to turn to alcohol just to let go of your inhibitions for a little bit. It’s a form […]Read More

TIPS: Before You Fall In Love

Most guys and ladies have had a relationship end and have felt angry or resentful toward their ex. The key isn’t that you shouldn’t feel angry; the key is that you should make sure you don’t feel really angry any longer when you try to start a new relationship. When you get to the point […]Read More

LADIES: 6 Ways To Be Sexy With Guys

1. Turn off your negative inner voice I know it is easier to say than to do, but you really need to make some changes from the root. If you want to gain sexy confidence around men, you need to turn off that negative inner voice that prevents you from being happy and satisfied. I […]Read More