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5 Medical Tests To Shape Your Marriage Decision

The journey from relationship to marriage does not necessary have to be long, all it really needs is for it to be painstaking, thorough and reasonably well prepared for. It is why people always want to be financially capable, mentally ready and emotionally balanced before stepping into the commitment of matrimony. One more thing that […]Read More

3 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Is SEX just for reproduction? The answer is a resounding NO! You know that bond you feel with your partner after having mind-blowing sex, well that’s what it is for, bonding with your partner and also feeling good about your self. That feeling, that bubble and rush is the reason humans have sex even after […]Read More

Why Lovers’ Fights Always End With Passionate Sex

Of course if you had to choose between a relationship that is peaceful and one that is ladened with regular conflicts, everyone would choose to have peace of mind. But we all know, relationships cannot particularly exist without occasional arguments, differences and conflicts. That’s sure. While fights are often said to be good for relationships […]Read More

5 Easy Ways To Turn Her On

Start Early Seduction starts long before any clothes come off, notes relationship expert April Masini. “Women are a lot slower to warm up, so if you start their engines early and often, you’re more likely to score later,” she says. If you want her to be in the mood later, start foreplay (or, well, a PG-13-rated […]Read More

Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship – Support Your

Aside from reproduction, sex is essential for many reasons in any devoted relationship. It is ultimately all about intimacy, the pleasure, and sexual expression. Intercourse has many positive intellectual, physical, emotional and social benefits. Understanding these benefits will help couples recognize that sex in their relationships will not only help themselves but help bond their […]Read More