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What Women Hate The Most About Sex

Sex is one of life’s deepest pleasures. But as much as most people love a good romp between the sheets, let’s be honest: There are things we really dislike about it, too. With this in mind, the sex toy company Lovehoney decided to survey 3,000 adults about what they hate the most in the bedroom. The responses could […]Read More

10 Role Play Ideas To Keep Your Lover In The

Before you have sex with your lover, do you like to dress up and act out scenes? Does role play constitute a part of your sexual routine? Which role-plays have you tried before? Although most lovers tend to overlook sexual role play. It is an effective way to pleasure your lover’s mind and body, while […]Read More

Why Lovers’ Fights Always End With Passionate Sex

Of course if you had to choose between a relationship that is peaceful and one that is ladened with regular conflicts, everyone would choose to have peace of mind. But we all know, relationships cannot particularly exist without occasional arguments, differences and conflicts. That’s sure. While fights are often said to be good for relationships […]Read More

Why Sex Is Important In A Relationship – Support Your

Aside from reproduction, sex is essential for many reasons in any devoted relationship. It is ultimately all about intimacy, the pleasure, and sexual expression. Intercourse has many positive intellectual, physical, emotional and social benefits. Understanding these benefits will help couples recognize that sex in their relationships will not only help themselves but help bond their […]Read More

7 Signs To Know The Sex Was Good For Him

Maybe you really like this guy, or you worry about your partner leaving you for someone else because they don’t think the sex is good. These thoughts have come to all of us. Listen, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of signs the sex was good for him.   If you’re not completely […]Read More