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3 Stylish Ways To Wear Scarf This Season

It is rainy season again and you know what that means. Rainy season is definitely the coldest season hence we need our scarves to keep us a lot less cold. It is time to dust off those scarves that have been lying in our closet all year long and get stylish with them. Should in […]Read More

6 Ways On How To Protect Yourself This Rainy Season

Rain is here again and this means that preparations to make it through this season is underway.  With most of us already gearing up to stay dry and safe this rainy season, there are some people who are still looking for ideas on how to do that. If you fall under that category, then you […]Read More

7 Diseases You Can Catch Easily This Rainy Season

With the rain comes flooded roads, traffic, pollution and a whole host of diseases. And if we are not careful and protected, we will be sure to get one of these 5 diseases that are easy to catch during the rainy season. Here they are; 1.Cold And Cough Commonly caused by rhinoviruses, a cold starts […]Read More