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Kenya Banned Sailors’ Wamlambez and Diamond’s Tetema from Being Played

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua has banned  Sailors’ Wamlambez and Diamond’s Tetema  from being played outside Night clubs and bars. According to the KFCB boss, the two songs promote pure pornography. “both the songs are pure pornography despite the fact that their lyrics are coded. It’s embarrassing to see even national […]Read More

Rayvanny Secretly Attack Harmonize Amid Exit Rumours

Tanzanian artist Rayvanny recently praised his boss during a performance in Moshi. The crowd was in awe after Vannyboy went on stage and cut off the performance to pass his sentiments to wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz. Diamond was on stage performing during the ongoing Wasafi Festival 2019 when the ‘Tetema’ hit maker unexpectedly started narrating […]Read More