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5 Detailed Signs And Vibes Of A Toxic Relationship.

You might just be in a toxic relationship, find out!…Here are detailed signs and vibes of a toxic relationship. Ever felt the pressure of a one-sided relationship, the pain of putting in so much but getting so little. The pain of engaging in toxic relationships are usually quite depressing and tiring. In a world where […]Read More

47 Successful Traits That Could Lead To Love; The Art

Two scientists claim to have found 47 traits “which turn flirting effective.” They then classified these traits into nine factors, which people looking for love may find useful. They also found that women tended to rate a gentle approach highly, while men found good looks more effective in getting them interested. The recently published study is called […]Read More

Girls Simple Sexy Ways To Flirt With Guys

Place your palm on his cheek or jawbone while complimenting him for something he’s done especially for you. It’ll make him work harder towards doing more nice things for you because the attention is sexy for him. When both of you are standing together, clasp his hand gently while saying something close to his ear.  […]Read More

How To Turn Friendship To Romantic Relationship

If you really are friends then no matter what, you two can communicate and weather the storm. Love is a delicate thing and building any loving relationship takes time. It can take even longer with friends, as expectations are higher and fear of losing a friend is great. However, I’ve come up with 5 creative […]Read More

8 Things That Can Ruin Your Relationship

Some relationships break up over time due to irreconcilable differences. But other times, it is because of some things we did. Yes, continuing that thing your partner warned is what might send you back into the dating pool, sooner than you expected. If you love your partner and don’t want to break up with them […]Read More

​8 Sure Ways To Keep Your Partner Alive With You

Why doesn’t he call me as much as he used to?  Why won’t she reply to my message on time?  Are they tired of me because I have devalued myself by loving them? Too many questions and none of the answers you think of will give you peace of mind in your relationship. But we […]Read More

How To Know You Are Sexually Compatible With Your Partner

How do you know if you are emotionally compatible with someone? For many, it is a matter of observation, conversation and a discovery of an affinity with the person. When you find that you do not need to force conversations with him or her, when he or she seems to understand you perfectly, when it […]Read More

10 Signs Your Casual Friendship Is Getting Serious

It isn’t rare that you start seeing signs your casual relationship is getting serious, but what does it mean for you? Should you get out or get serious? At first, casual relationships sound like this win-win situation. You get all the benefits of a relationship without the fighting, pressure, or even commitment. Although a casual […]Read More

MEN: 5 Reasons Why She Will Leave You Even If

When a lady loves you, she will give you everything she has. She will give you her heart, she will let you in and she will put in an incredible amount of effort for the two of you to work out. But that certainly doesn’t mean that her patience will be endless. That doesn’t mean […]Read More

7 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Relationship

1. Making Decisions Without Your Partner There’s no need to check in with your partner about every little thing.  “However, making some decisions without checking with your partner can go from a small, well-intended act to a big fight,” Dr. Catherine Jackson, licensed psychologist and neurotherapist, says. For instance, it doesn’t hurt to check in with […]Read More