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Skincare Routine To Make You Stay Young.

Ageing skin is as a result of lack of moisture and elasticity of the skin due to ageing, but this also depends on various factors which include daily diet, exposure to sunlight, build up of toxin in the body, pollution and the use of some skin products. However, there are some skincare tips that can […]Read More

6 Foods That Will Give You Fresh, Smooth Skin

Remember getting in trouble when you were young for wasting your food? Well, you are all grown up now and you can smear your food all over your face and call it skin care. We all have an item around the house that can be used in more ways than one, and food definitely has […]Read More

HEALTH: New Research Warns Of Sunscreen Skin Risks

New research in Hong Kong has found that UV filters commonly used in sunscreen are polluting surrounding waters and could endanger human health, one of the city’s leading universities said Thursday. An “extensive amount” of seven common UV filter chemicals was found in Hong Kong seawater as well as in fish, shrimps and mussels on aqua-farms, scientists […]Read More