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Owner Of Beverly Hills, Boutique Madison, Is Launching A Women

After nearly 40 years in the shoe business, David Assil, owner of the Beverly Hills, Calif., boutique Madison, is putting his spin on a women’s shoe collection under the name Madison.Maison. “I wanted to go back to the artisan Italian shoes of 15 years ago,” said the veteran footwear retailer, who, in addition to wholesaling, […]Read More

What Women Hate The Most About Sex

Sex is one of life’s deepest pleasures. But as much as most people love a good romp between the sheets, let’s be honest: There are things we really dislike about it, too. With this in mind, the sex toy company Lovehoney decided to survey 3,000 adults about what they hate the most in the bedroom. The responses could […]Read More

Looking Chic At Work In Curvy Girl Styles

Curvy women don’t dress according to their body. This may stem from the fact that they have been body shamed in the past and they end up trying to hide their curves. However, this is 2019 and every curvy woman should embrace every curve of hers. Kristine of TrendyCurvy is one curvy woman that would […]Read More

How Men & Women Can Properly Take Care Of Armpits

Armpits may be the only body part we vigilantly groom with the fervent hope that they will never be noticed. Both Men and Women have different sensitivity to their pits, and because it is often hidden and closed up doesn’t mean the armpit isn’t an essential part of the body care someone should take seriously. […]Read More

Ladies: Jelly Shoes Now Comes In Attractive Colours That You

We are bringing back your favourite old school jelly shoes. These PVC gems were the definitive shoe of your childhood, they are making a comeback this season. Jelly shoes has been modified that you will never guess right the person is wearing PVC. Most of them come in attractive colours that you will love to […]Read More

​10 Healthy Living Tips For Pregnant Women

Being pregnant is an important time in a woman’s life. And during that time, you need to take extra measures to ensure the health of you and your unborn child. We know, that it is not easy finding the right exercises, meals, drugs, and activities to do as a pregnant woman, that is why we […]Read More

10 Bad Habits That Are Unhealthy For Your Health

There are certain seemingly harmless things we do, that are actually unhealthy for us.  But, because we see these things as irrelevant or not dangerous enough to be a health issue, we overlook it. Before you continue doing those things, you shouldn’t forget that your body needs special care and attention. And for you to […]Read More

Ladies: 4 Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Let’s face it, Pimples can be such annoying little Buggers. They get all up in your Face, ruin it and then refuse to leave. As if this isn’t enough, they are hard to get rid of and some of the recommended products are expensive and don’t even do anything. Calm yourself, help is here. Say […]Read More

Sexy Panties Can Make Men Cheat On Their Partners- Sex

Ghanaian sex coach, Dzifa Sweetness has stated that the panties some ladies wear are capable of making men cheat on them. According to the sex coach, some ladies become relaxed as soon as they get married and stop taking good care of themselves. “In marriage, every lady needs to be conscious and keep herself neat. It […]Read More

5 Challenges Women Still Face In The Work Place

The idea that working women are now emancipated and empowered individuals who have finally been accepted into the corporate world and as such, they can have access to certain privileges. Thanks to the people who are quick to point out how women have come so far from being just cowering housewives to occupying positions in […]Read More